Gliding Trial Lesson

The sheer beauty and pleasure of silent flight can be experienced with us here at Banbury Gliding Club. our Gliding Trial Lesson is an ideal gift for any occasion - more just a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Launch to 2,000 feet above the ground, for up to 25 minutes flying (though, in less perfect conditions, it could be less than 15 minutes) for just £75. This includes a £15 voucher towards our Introductory Membership package.
Your instructor will brief you on the ground beforehand about the glider, the flight, and what to expect; you fly in the front cockpit of our two-seater glider and the instructor flies from the rear cockpit, which has full dual controls.

After release from the tug aircraft, the instructor will, if you wish, show you the effects of the controls on the glider’s path, and you may take control under his guidance. In favourable conditions, the instructor may be able to guide the glider into rising air and you may climb in the ‘thermal’ up to the bottom of the clouds - giving you longer to take in the stunning Northamptonshire countryside.

Once closer to the ground, the instructor will explain how he is setting up for the approach and landing, for which you, in the front, have a grandstand view, bringing your gliding trial lesson to a close.

The Trial Lesson makes an ideal present, particularly for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's & Father's Days, as well as a taster for those wishing to experience flight or try something new. All our fully qualified British Gliding Association certified instructors are also volunteers, meaning that unlike other operations, are fully passionate and love sharing their enthusiasm with our guests.

These flights are normally available on specific weekends throughout most of the year.  We have also set aside the 2nd Monday of the month from April to October specifically to carry out these lessons.

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